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>> welcome to the journal. coming up, mitt romney comes closer to the republican nomination, but he fails to strike a decisive blow. >> hundreds more are at evacuated as flood waters, affects communities in southeastern australia. >> does he deserve it -- germany questions honors for a former disgraced president. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- cracks in the republican race for the presidential nomination, -- >> in the republican race for the presidential nomination, mitt romney has edged out rick santorum. >> mitt romney claimed victory in six states including ohio. even though it was not a knockout blow he was hoping for, he has extended his lead in the primary race. >> this was billed as a decisive night in the republican primaries. the series of victories would have established mitt romney as the republican front-runner once and for all, but for all their enthusiasm, his supporters could only support a partial when. the former governor and business man took six out of 10 states, one of them, ohio, by a whisker. >> your support means everything t
ground state latest polls show former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former senator rick santorum neck in neck. romney has a big lead in a number of delegates obtained in primaries and caucuses so far thanks to deep pockets and campaign machine. but he has been unable to take a commanding lead. last week he managed a narrow victory over santorum in his home state of michigan. about 0% of all delegates will be at stake in the supertuesday contests. rick santorum is posing a big threat to romney in conservative stronghold states such as tennessee. the recent standoff between the catholic church and the obama administration over the birth control policy seems to be working to santorum's advantage. >> reporter: rick santorum is gaining ground and momentum in conservative areas across america. he claims the obama administration is limbing the freedom guaranteed to citizens by the u.s. constitution. >> we can't give it away because we go to the heart of whether -- >> reporter: last month president obama announced a federal policy that requires employer health insurance plans to offer fr
and allow international nuclear inspects near the country. >>> mitt romney will likely walk away the big winner from the u.s. republican party super tuesday contests. the former massachusetts governor won six of the ten states up for grabs on the single biggest day for the republican presidential nomination. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum secured three. but romney narrowly won ohio which is considered important in his fight to lock up the gop nomination. people in ten states voted for the gop candidate they wanted to face off against barack obama in this november's presidential election. one fifth of the delegates to the republican convention this august were on the line. abc says romney is certain it win six states, alaska, ohio, virginia, vermont, massachusetts and idaho. ohio is politically divided and considered to be a key battleground in november's election. >> i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> abc says the ultra conservative santorum is certain to win three states, tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. former speaker of the u.s. house o
primaries in both alabama and mississippi. >> the overall front runner, mitt romney, came third in both of those contests. santorum camp and on social issues including abortion and birth control. just behind him in both states was newt gingrich. both of those men argued that they and not mitt romney are the true conservatives in the race, but mitt romney still holds the all important lead in delegates, which is the key to actually securing the nomination. and british prime minister david cameron has been holding talks with u.s. president barack obama at the white house. >> the agenda included strengthening bilateral trade ties and cooperation in dealing with the current challenges posed by iran, syria, and afghanistan. after their meeting, obama said bonds between the nations had never been stronger. chairman also said both countries would work to keep pressure on iran to give up its suspected nuclear arms program and that all options were still on the table. >> for more on both those stories, max joins us from our washington bureau. first of all, david cameron -- we see him -- he is ac
. it is threatening the campaign strategy of the republican front runner, mitt romney. he emphasizes his business credentials in speeches. >> my goal, if i become president, is straight forward -- more jobs. for the people of ohio and of america. >> can romney still build an enthusiastic following with this message? most americans believe the worst is over. republicans begged to differ. >> we have almost gotten used to this stagnation. we should not be. our country can do better. of course we think republican can do better in that role. >> workers here say they are less interested in the voting outcome. these people do not expect much help regardless of who is in washington. >> more on super tuesday later in "the journal peak of the debt crisis in europe has hit the german central bank. the newspaper report says bundesbank has fallen to levels under 1 billion euro. sources say the bank had put aside bond -- funding to cover risks. let's check in with our correspondent at the german stock exchange. what is disinformation -- what does this information say? >> if you look at all of these rescue prog
strong support as a southerner from nearby georgia. overall front runner mitt romney can also expect to do well, while ultraconservative rick santorum is popular among evangelical christians. >> for more on today's primaries, we are joined by our washington correspondent. any chance of a break out win for mitt romney today? and then maybe not a break away when, but may be a surprise win. remember, we are talking about the deep south. that is a conservative stronghold, something where rick santorum, newt gingrich, the two conservative contenders, would naturally do well, but not a guy from the northeast like mitt romney. if he wins one of those states, that would solidify his position as the front runner. rick santorum wants nuking which out of the race. he wants to be the only real conservative in the race, as he says. in order for that maybe to happen, he needs to be better in both states -- mississippi and alabama -- then did gingrich. >> most representatives say this is good news for obama, but his ratings are dropping. >> yes, but that is different reasons. people say it is becau
for you. >> but first, here is a look at some other stories making news around the world. mitt romney has won the republican primary in illinois with nearly all the ballots counted. he has won 47% of the votes compared with 35% for rick santorum. the result takes romney a step closer to securing the republican nomination for the presidential election in november. >> on the second day of the state visit to berlin, israel's defense minister visited the holocaust memorial at the capitol's train station. between 1941 and 1943, not seize sent 50,000 jewish berliners to their deaths. track 17 is now a memorial. >> passengers traveling through frankfurt airport can breathe a sigh of relief. the long-running pay dispute between the airport operator and ground staff is over. the two sides said they reached a deal to hammer out the details of a new work contract. more than 1700 flights were canceled in recent weeks due to the strike action. >> some german soccer now. first bid for the german cup final ended in a very heartbreaking fashion last night. >> that is right. having battled it out with the
will be the biggest single day of voting in this roller-coaster primary race. >> for the front runner mitt romney and his main rival rick santorum, ohio is an important battleground state. among some voters there, social values play more important role that economic concerns. >> the republican primary is a hot topic here in this church in ohio. at the pulpit today is pastor moore. for him, rick santorum is the man to lead america. >> i believe that mr. santorum reflects the values that the bible says if you will live your life this way according to the 10 commandments, i will bless that nation. >> churchgoers here have a lot of time for rick santorum. the back is total opposition to abortion and gay marriage. litmus test issues for many social conservatives. cindy is actively supporting santorum's campaign. she says he is more likely to stick with his principles than the front runner mitt romney. >> the direction our country goes well affect what kind of country my children live in. and i think that rick santorum will take our country into a direction where it it is a better society, a better cul
, other stories making news around the world. mitt romney has taken another primary contests in the u.s. presidential race. he won the overseas territory of puerto rico, taking with an 80% of the vote. briggs informed just got 7%. the and hispanic vote is seen as crucial in the november elections. >> the king of tonga has died. the cause of death has not yet been announced. he ruled tonga since 2006 and carried out sweeping political reforms, including seating most of his democratic powers to an elected parliament. >> the president of east timur has admitted defeat in his reelection bid after coming in third in the first round of voting. the two main rivals, including a former guerrilla fighter, we'll go forward to a runoff on april 16. >> some german soccer. shalke made a good round on sunday. the same time with a pile on the misery for the bottom of the table team. hammering the home side. >> they have now gone 16 games without winning. there is speculation that the coach will be sacked soon. but the team's managers will not comment. >> if you take even a halfway serious approach to
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